Stop Paying To See Sh*%#y Movies

I think the message is clear, Hollywood is failing. Box offices have been hitting some all time lows, ticket sales are plummeting, and creativity seems dead. What's the deal!? Are people really out of new ideas for movies or is Hollywood just trying to do the least amount of work while still making just enough... Continue Reading →


I Used Men’s Razors and Here’s What Happened..

This post is definitely geared more towards the ladies, but boys, I'm sure you can find it just as interesting. I've been using razors for almost 12 years now (wow that's weird to think about!). Most girls my age have only been using them for 10 or 9 years, but I got a head start... Continue Reading →

The Kids Nowadays…

Normally I do a huge eye roll when I hear people complaining about the "children of this generation". I being a millenial myself, sometimes feel targeted by the criticism. The one everyone hears the most has to be that "kids don't play outside anymore" or "all they do is play on their phones". Until recently... Continue Reading →

How A Cookie Changed My Life

Who doesn't like cookies? I think there is a cookie out there for everyone. Chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, gingerbread cookies, you want a cookie now don't you? It might sound like an exaggeration but I'm pretty positive that a cookie did in fact change my life. It was two years... Continue Reading →

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