I Used Men’s Razors and Here’s What Happened..

This post is definitely geared more towards the ladies, but boys, I'm sure you can find it just as interesting. I've been using razors for almost 12 years now (wow that's weird to think about!). Most girls my age have only been using them for 10 or 9 years, but I got a head start... Continue Reading →


August Glam Bag!

I finally got my ipsy  for August! This months ipsy is all about good vibes. I'm all for it! I rate every ipsy bag on a 6 star scale. For more information on what ipsy is in the first place you can read my post on it here! Ok, let's get to it! The bag itself for August.... Continue Reading →


An Easy Way To Save Money When You Shop

How I save money every time I shop!


How I Grew My Makeup Collection!

I first started wearing makeup in middle school. I would spend hours looking up different styles on Pinterest, figuring out how to where different products on YouTube, and just all out experimenting (which did not always look as wonderful as I thought). I don't call myself a makeup expert, I really only have a few... Continue Reading →


“You Have Perfect Skin”

I did not always have perfect skin, but here's how I got it


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