Blueberry French Toast 

Life is busy and fast, but one thing I always try to slow down for is breakfast. The same old same old gets boring. If I have to wake up early then I don't really have an appetite. I have to really make something good to sort of bribe myself to eat. The thing that... Continue Reading →


Egg In A Hole With A Twist 

I think everyone has made egg in a hole at least once in their life. It's an eggstremely easy recipe. You grab a piece of bread, one egg, cut a hole in the center of the bread, throw it on the stove, crack the egg in the center of the bread and that's it!   ... Continue Reading →


Why You Need More Tuna

Let's be honest, tuna is smelly, comes in a can, and for the most part is unappealing. But I learned a secret about tuna on a lunch break one day and I've been telling every one about it since. At my previous job I would bring my lunch and eat with a few other employees.... Continue Reading →


Tuna Berry Salad

If you are skeptical of mixing salty/sweet flavors, this recipe might be a new adventure for you, but I promise it is worth trying! I too used to be unsure about mixing salty/sweet but now it's one of my favorite flavor combos.  Ingredients 1/4C of Blueberries  1 5oz Can of Tuna Jalapeños (as many as... Continue Reading →


Tomato Toast & Mediterranean Salad

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies! That's exactly what this breakfast/brunch is about. I don't eat right when I wake up, normally it's a few hours after. By the time I eat I'm usually starving! This toast/salad combo is perfect for filling me up.  Toast Ingredients 1 Slice of Whole Grain Toast 1tbs of Butter 2... Continue Reading →


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