My Unpopular Opinion on IT

My last movie post was a rant about how Hollywood is killing creativity with sequel after sequel, so you might find it hypocritical of me that I went to so the new IT movie last weekend. Before you roll your eyes hear me out! My boyfriend technically bought the tickets and I was not necessarily... Continue Reading →


Stop Paying To See Sh*%#y Movies

I think the message is clear, Hollywood is failing. Box offices have been hitting some all time lows, ticket sales are plummeting, and creativity seems dead. What's the deal!? Are people really out of new ideas for movies or is Hollywood just trying to do the least amount of work while still making just enough... Continue Reading →

Paracusia (Short Film 2017)

I'm ecstatic to share with everyone that my boyfriend made his very first short film! The entire process was an eye opening experience. Making a movie was creatively challenging and grew my appreciation for film making more than any movie ever could. Telling a story is one thing, but telling a story and sparking your... Continue Reading →

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