August Glam Bag!

I finally got my ipsy  for August! This months ipsy is all about good vibes. I'm all for it! I rate every ipsy bag on a 6 star scale. For more information on what ipsy is in the first place you can read my post on it here! Ok, let's get to it! The bag itself for August.... Continue Reading →


What’s Your Color?

How to find your "go to" color


Funky Fourth

How I saved on the fourth!


Concert Outfit 

Another thrift store find!


Black Eyeliner

I've gone through multiple different phases of make up in my life. I've done no make up, too much make up, the whole contouring thing, pretty much all of it. One style that never disappoints is black eyeliner. You can do so many different styles with one piece of make up. My boyfriend and I... Continue Reading →


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