My Unpopular Opinion on IT

My last movie post was a rant about how Hollywood is killing creativity with sequel after sequel, so you might find it hypocritical of me that I went to so the new IT movie last weekend. Before you roll your eyes hear me out! My boyfriend technically bought the tickets and I was not necessarily looking forward to seeing the movie. In order for me to review the movie, I had to see it (no pun intended). And to be fair, it would be just as hypocritical of me to rant about sequels without backing up my own opinion. So, after hearing nothing but great things about the movie, I decided to at least give it a chance. Here’s what I thought..*SPOILERS* 

I’m not going to rip this movie to pieces. I was actually very impressed with certain parts and some of the cinematography. Sadly, “some” good parts and cinematography is not was makes for a good movie. IT was not scary. It just wasn’t. It was full of loud noises and jump scares that…didn’t make me jump. Movies are forgetting that silence can go a long way. When it comes to jump scares you need that sweet moment of silence just before the big surprise. Anticipation is key. There was absolutely no anticipation. What scared you was already in plane view and in return the audience had nothing to look for. I don’t even want to get started on how bad the CGI was either. The scariest part about the first IT was that he actually wasn’t a scary looking clown. IT was a normal, regular looking clown which allowed the children and the audience to let their guard down before finding out that his mouth was full of extra sharp teeth and his meal of choice was children.

Think about any scary movie that comes to mind and you might think of Poltergeist, The Exorcist, maybe even Paranormal Activity. These movies come to mind because they were actually scary. The things that were scary about them were things that happened to normal people, in their normal homes. IT takes place in the kids homes, but the big event takes place in an actual “scary” house that belongs to none of the kids. So, what do we have to be scared of? As long as we don’t actually go looking for a scary clown in a scary house then there’s no problem. IT’s not invading anything.

The entire tone of this movie was all out of wack. One minute I was watching The Goonies, the next I was watching Annabelle. It just didn’t flow or mix well at all. That being said, I loved the non scary parts. The kids acting in this movie did better than half of the adults in the movies we see today. I was bracing myself for some cringe worthy performances but I was wrong. Finn Wolfhard really stole the spotlight with his witty comebacks and vulgar remarks. He put off some very strong Corey Feldman vibes.

Sadly, some of the other characters felt like they were just there. Specifically Chosen Jacobs who played Mike Hanlon and Wyatt Oleff who played Stanley Uris. After the opening scenes these two really had no role in the plot and could have easily never shown up on the screen again and I would have never missed them. As a remake they could have taken it upon themselves to remove these characters completely rather than sticking with the original cast.

So, I said I wasn’t going to tear this movie to pieces because I did enjoy the parts that weren’t supposed to be scary. They were hilarious and had an 80’s feel to them. I think the target audience would have been more appropriate had it been rated PG13 for older kids and pre-teens rather than R for adults. I hope to see the kids that starred in this return in more films because all of their performances were a 10/10. Because of how much of a hit the box office was for IT, I’m sure it will get a Chapter Two, but I really hope we can look forward to some more original horror movies.

See this movie if you’re curious about the hype but I recommend that you save your money and watch it on blue ray.


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