Blueberry French Toast 

Life is busy and fast, but one thing I always try to slow down for is breakfast. The same old same old gets boring. If I have to wake up early then I don’t really have an appetite. I have to really make something good to sort of bribe myself to eat. The thing that always does the trick for me is French toast! 

  French toast seems like it might take a long time, but trust me, it doesn’t! I’m also very slow in the mornings, so I know a thing or two about quick recipes. When I made this specific recipe just the other day, I made French toast and my lunch for the day in 10 minutes!  That’s right! So when you’re in the mood for something sweet, filling, and tastes like it’s straight from the diner, make Blueberry French Toast! 


1 Egg

1/3 C of Milk

1 TBS of Cinnamon 

1 Slice of Bread

1 Sprinkle of Powdered Sugar

1 Handful of Fresh Blueberries 


Get a pan ready over the oven on medium heat. Crack the egg in a small to medium sized bowl. Add in the milk and cinnamon and stir together with a fork. Take the slice of bread and soak one side in the mixture. Wait a few seconds and turn the bread over so the other side can soak as well. The bread should be nice and soggy. Once the pan is at a warm heat, place the bread on it. Cook each side until the middle is no longer soggy. Once the bread is a nice, golden brown color take it out. Place the toasted bread on a plate. Add the blueberries. Next, sprinkle the powdered sugar. Last, drizzle the honey. All done! Let me know what you guys think. I hope you like it 🙂 


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