Stop Paying To See Sh*%#y Movies

I think the message is clear, Hollywood is failing. Box offices have been hitting some all time lows, ticket sales are plummeting, and creativity seems dead. What’s the deal!? Are people really out of new ideas for movies or is Hollywood just trying to do the least amount of work while still making just enough money in ticket sales? Sadly, I think it’s the second one. With “hits” like the remake of Ghostbusters and the weeks full of “new” sequels alone, Hollywood knows it can put out lame, “been there done that” movies and still make money off of them.

I’ve been going to the movies since I was a toddler and I’ve been hooked ever since. As I got older I always made a point to be in the theater to see every single preview. The previews can essentially be just as exciting as the actual movie itself. What am I going to go to the movies for next? This year, previews have been more than disappointing. Everyone expects a few sequels a year and maybe one remake….but this year has been mind blowing in the most negative way possible. While I sat in the theater awaiting the few previews before watching Baby Driver, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sequel, sequel, remake, sequel, sequel. What? Am I in some kind of dream, or more like nightmare, where all original ideas have already been made and now we can only add to or remake films that have already been thought of?

The most disturbing part is that Hollywood knows we are yearning for new, creative, original plots. It has to. Look at some of the newer, lesser known production companies like A24. They’ve came out with things like It Comes At Night, Moonlight, The Lobster, and my favorite, Swiss Army Man. These movies have done great in ticket sales and movie critics have been losing their minds over them. So what does this tell us? Hollywood doesn’t care.

Hollywood has been putting out random, easy ideas. Let’s look at the Ghostbusters remake. They took a movie that originally had an all male cast and remade it with an all female cast…but that’s the thing. That’s literally all they did. For the most part, the new Ghostbusters is a shot for shot remake. The target audience for this remake garbage was clearly women. It easily could have been a good movie, but what made the original Ghostbusters funny was Bill Murray’s character. It was quite frankly, all of the characters in Ghostbusters that made the original so funny. They were losers, they were dumb, and they were funny. The remake didn’t do any of this. The characters were all over the place. There was no room to even try to laugh at a single line. It was bad. The remake only did well from a financial standpoint because it had women in it, not because it was actually a good movie.

If Hollywood wanted to make a movie with an all female cast, why didn’t they just make a new story, a new movie, a fresh idea, with an all female cast? Then we have Wonder Woman. DC has been making movies about every super hero for years and just now, in 2017, they finally decide to make a new Wonder Woman movie? I’m not saying Wonder Woman wasn’t a good movie, but I am saying it was very oddly timed.

I’ve been wanting to write about how terrible this year has been for movies for awhile, but it wasn’t until the other day when my boyfriend told me they were remaking The Lord of The Flies with an all female cast, that I really felt the fire to voice my opinion. The Lord of The Flies is another iconic all male cast story. Why not make a brand new movie, with an all female cast? What I make out of these “all female” cast remakes is this; women aren’t worth the time to make new, original stories over. Women, for Hollywood, have become a cheap trick. They know people, and women, will want to see the lead women roles, but they don’t want to really give us new, strong, lead women characters.

Hollywood has made their message clear, but let me make mine clearer. I will not spend money to go see your remakes, your sequels, and your flat out bad movies. I refuse! Film is supposed to be an art, it’s a story, it’s an idea. Making movies already takes up tons of time and money, so why not make them worth it? Until box offices and ticket sales continue to hit all time lows, Hollywood will continue to feed us crap. Stop paying to see these cheap shows, save your money, and stay home. Perhaps when the money stops coming, Hollywood will finally get the hint.


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