I Used Men’s Razors and Here’s What Happened..

This post is definitely geared more towards the ladies, but boys, I’m sure you can find it just as interesting. I’ve been using razors for almost 12 years now (wow that’s weird to think about!). Most girls my age have only been using them for 10 or 9 years, but I got a head start after a trip to the lake with some friends in fourth grade (mom was thrilled about that). I think I’ve gone through every possible “razor” phase there is. I’ve had the normal three blade, ones with interchangeable blades, the giant, thick, flowery printed ones that have that fancy holder that sticks to the shower wall. At this point in my life I just want something that’s cheap and works!

So tonight, as my boyfriend and I made a quick run to Walmart, I found myself in the same situation every girl has found herself in time and time again. I stood in front of a wall packed with colorful, sharp, multi-bladed, overpriced razors and they stared back at me screaming “buy me!“, “no, buy us!”, “no, buy me!”. It’s quite intimidating. The worst part is that no matter what choice you make you end up feeling like you spent too much and you end up buying more in two or three weeks because they never last long enough.

Catching me off guard from my intimidated gaze, I jumped as my boyfriend said, “why don’t you just buy men’s razors?“. What!? MEN’S RAZORS!!! What does he think I am, some type of animal or something? I am a lady, and ladies do not buy men’s anything! I walked over towards the dark side (literally the whole side of men’s razors is contrasting compared to the women’s side). I was impressed, almost every package of razors had at least 4 blades. I personally, am a fan of 5 blades. Then I saw it. The thing I had been missing out on my whole life. A three pack of 5 bladed razors for $4! Four dollars people. That price is unheard of on the ladies side!

I’m here to tell you people, women are getting a bad bargain on life. We get periods, we have the babies, and we pay more for the same crap that men buy so that we can have ours with a butterfly on it. That $4, 5 bladed men’s razor was just as good if not better than the 5 bladed razors I’m used to paying $6 and $7 for. I will not do it anymore! There’s no such thing as men’s razors or men’s deodorant or men’s whatever ok. From this point forward I’m assuming that “men’s” anything just means cheaper.

The next time you are out of razors, do yourself a favor and browse on over to the “men’s” side of the aisle. You might save yourself some money and your legs will feel as smooth as a 14 year old boys, clean shaven face.


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