So This Is Adulthood

My boyfriend and I have almost finished our first year of living on our own. Before moving in together, neither of us had ever really lived on our own before. It’s safe to say this year has been a huge learning experience. There have definitely been a few moments where my values have changed, my idea of the world in general has changed, and above all else, moments where I’ve thought to myself, “so this is adulthood?!”, both good and bad.

Last night has to be the absolute most “adulting” moment either one of us has ever experienced. I had the day off, so I got some cleaning done around the house, I had dinner made and ready before Jeff got home, we had gone and worked out when Jeff got off, and we were just ready to get home, relax, and enjoy dinner together.

Jeff was getting some dishes cleaned up while I finished getting dinner ready when I heard the garbage disposal make the “garbage disposal not working” noise. We had some left over rice that I had dumped in the sink earlier that day, and apparently the garbage disposal couldn’t quite handle all of that. It was just rice, so I didn’t think it would take much time to get it down the disposal. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that end up being the biggest pains.

I let Jeff mess with it, but time kept ticking. Dinner was getting cold, it was already 10pm. “Just mess with it after you eat dinner“, I suggested. “I wanna get it finished so I can just relax“. I decided to take my turn at messing with it. The sink was about 1/3 of the way filled with milky looking water with little bits of rice floating around. I took a long wooden spoon and stabbed it into the murky water. I tried switching the disposal on and off a few times (because that normally does it), but the water didn’t budge.

I’ll just call the repair man tomorrow“, I decided out loud. “I can take this apart and unclog it, I just don’t want to“, Jeff said annoyed. “Do we have something to scoop all this water out with?” There we were, at 10:30pm scooping gross rice water out of one side of the sink into the other. Despite being in a pretty annoying situation, we could still laugh about how ridiculous all this was. Once we emptied the clogged side of the sink, we had to pop open the pipe that was clogged. I got the biggest bowl we had, hoping we could cleanly catch the mess that awaited us. Jeff messed with the screws under the sink until finally the pipe popped open…”splash“. I watched in disgust as water and rice fell everywhere. The cabinet under our sink was soaked! All the while, dinner was getting colder, tummies getting hungrier.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Jeff fixing the garbage disposal

This” I said, “this is definitely the most adult moment we’ve had“. We both laughed and Jeff had to agree. Jeff spent the next few minutes getting all the wet rice out of the pipe. “slfljdf ldjsflj“, (how do you spell the sound a working garbage disposal makes?) victory! The garbage disposal was back to working after about an hour and a half of work. Then we had the mess to clean up too. All of our kitchen towels soaked. But at the end of the day we had nothing to complain about. Even after having such a bothersome task to get through, after a long day of work, we were still so happy just enjoying the comfort of our own home. We were able to get the garbage disposal working with no help.

With independence comes responsibility. Living on your own isn’t always freedom, or fun, or relaxing. Sometimes it’s really hard, stressful, sometimes you wish you didn’t have to mess with any of it. But there’s something pleasurable about being able to say that you did it and that makes it all worth it.


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