How A Cookie Changed My Life

Who doesn’t like cookies? I think there is a cookie out there for everyone. Chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, gingerbread cookies, you want a cookie now don’t you? It might sound like an exaggeration but I’m pretty positive that a cookie did in fact change my life.

It was two years ago, I was still working at Pink. I had put in my two weeks because myself back then thought I had landed my dream job as a dental assistant (wrongo). Pink was the best place I have ever worked at. The team work was unimaginable in today’s world, the company takes amazing care of its employees, we got free clothing all of the time. They basically broke all of the rules from an accountants perspective and in return are still one of the most successful companies there is.

When I say the team work was unimaginable, I mean going to work was like going to summer camp. I know this sounds extremely cheesy but the brands little slogan for us was “all in we win“. Our management had a huge part of what made our store so great to work at, but at the same time, it was all of the other insanely nice sales associates I worked with too. If you get one bad egg in a fun place like Pink, it could essentially ruin the rest of the team. But that never happened. We all helped each other, we all made the long nights of putting the store back together fun, going to work was always a good time because of all of the fantastic people we worked with.

So I had put in my two weeks and they had just hired a new sales lead. I had only met her a few other times, I never really talked to her too much. It was one of my very last nights working at Pink. She took her break and when she got back it was my turn to take mine. I go to the back room where our break room is Β and sitting on the table is a big cookie that has hot pink icing all over it and in purple letters it says “Happy Birthday Emilie” and there’s a little card sitting next to it. I was a little confused because it was not my birthday. I go on the head set and say, “is this cookie for me?”. The new sales lead says back, “yeah I got it for you on my break, it was the only one they had left”. I open the card and it has a little tiger on it and reads, ” Go get em’ tiger”. All the girls had signed it.

I was so touched that someone who barely knew me took the time on her thirty minute lunch break to go get me a cookie. When we were all little kids, it seems like the whole world was made to make you feel good. Every time adults see you, they make a huge deal out of you just being you. At holidays all of the adults buy you presents and are always so excited to see you. But the older you get, all of that kind of stops. People start to see you as an adult, which for some reason in return means you aren’t special any more. You start to get cards for your birthday, your birthdays become less and less of a big deal. At holidays people just ask you what you’re doing for work now. But the only reason we do this is because that’s how it’s always been. You can make anyone feel as special as you want. Everyone deserves to feel special. That’s what makes life enjoyable. Celebrating the little things. Making people feel like their life is important.

The sales lead came to the break room and I told her a million times how what she did was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. I asked her where she got the card at and she told me that she actually carried cards like that around in her purse. She had to be the most kind person I had ever met. She proceeded to tell me that she had heard from the other girls that I was going into dental assisting and she wanted to get me something as a going away present. This girl barely knew me, had barely ever talked to me, and yet she seemed to care so much.

In reality, getting the cookie and the card probably took very little effort, but the fact that she took the extra time and had the extra thought to spend on me was wonderful. That cookie did change my life. That cookie made me rethink how I interact with people every day. It’s easy to be nice and kind to others when others are nice and kind to you. It’s easy to make a big deal out of other people when they make a big deal out of you. So if you want to feel as special as you did when you were a little kid, make someone else feel as special as a little kid. Kindness really is contagious.

It’s easy to be mean or rude to people who are also mean or rude, but you can be the change in their entire life. The people who are mean are the ones who don’t get to feel the kindness of others that often. Working in customer service, I’ve seen peoples days be completely turned around just from someone asking them how their day is going or what they plan on doing for the weekend. If life has you down, turn it around with your own actions. The tiniest acts of kindness can make the biggest impacts on others.


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