Paracusia (Short Film 2017)

I’m ecstatic to share with everyone that my boyfriend made his very first short film! The entire process was an eye opening experience. Making a movie was creatively challenging and grew my appreciation for film making more than any movie ever could. Telling a story is one thing, but telling a story and sparking your audience’s attention is a job all on its own.

I always knew that creativity was something I wanted to do for a living, not just for fun. I don’t have the discipline to sit at a desk all day or do something I’m not passionate about. When I found blogging, it fit like a glove. I can voice my opinion, and tell people my most embarrassing, exciting, and personal moments. It’s one of my favorite ways to express myself. When Jeff told me he wanted to try to become a director I felt like he found the perfect fit for him. He’s strong willed, he has a mind of his own, he’s talented, he has an eye for cinematography, and amazing taste in movies.

We started working on the movie back in March. The very first scenes were shot on a DSLR camera but surprisingly looked grainy when downloaded onto the computer. It was frustrating spending entire nights trying to get the lighting just right and then finding out that the scenes were unusable. Out of the blue, Jeffs cousin gave him his old phone which just so happened to be able to record in 4k. It felt like fate. Jeff tried out a few of the scenes on his new phone, uploaded them to the computer, and the quality was phenomenal (considering it was shot on a smartphone).

Jeff Filming

After getting the quality of the movie checked off the list, we had to actually shoot the movie. We wanted to be able to film the movie any time we wanted so we chose our home for the location and I worked out perfectly as the actress needed (I’m no professional, that’s for sure). Jeff did so well at directing that he actually was able to make me into a pretty ok actress. Of course, because we’re in a relationship, his directing caused a few arguments through out making the movie. We’re both unbelievably stubborn and have strong opinions on the way we wanted things to be, but by the time we were half way finished making the movie, we figured out exactly how to work together.


I figured out that our goal to finish the movie would be to enter it into the Sundance Film Festival. Even though it was Jeffs first time ever making a movie, you have to put yourself out there and at least try. Just like all the posters said through out school and as cheesy as it may sound, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” Les Brown. And that’s exactly what we went for. Jeff is a wonderful perfectionist, so we finished the movie and editing just in time to send it off.

Here we are, six months later, and the short film is completed and sent off to Sundance. It won’t be the best movie Jeff ever makes but it’s the first movie he ever made. Nobody ever starts off great. The greats worked and they worked hard to get where they are. After making Paracusia, I know now why it takes so many people and so much time to make movies. I’ve always been a movie lover but I never understood the hard work and dedication that goes into them.

I hope you guys take the time to watch this short horror film. Please enjoy Paracusia right here.

You may also find the IMDB page for Paracusia right here.


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  1. I watched Paracusia and I have to say it was amazing. Especially for a short film, and this was his first film. Great job! Can’t wait to see more in the future. I just barely made my blog, and will be posting my first one soon. If you wouldn’t mind leaving you’re thoughts I would appreciate it. Good luck with more filming in the future. πŸ™‚

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