What Genre Is Your Life?

Think of your favorite song, if you even have one. You’d be surprised how big of an affect music can have on your mood. When I was in high school I spent so much of my time looking up new music, finding new bands, and just rockin out in my room by myself. And if I was going to be home alone, I really went all out. Volume as high as it could go on my little ihome, who knows what I was playing at the time, and just cleaning or doing homework or doing my makeup. It literally changed whatever mood I was in before whether it was good or bad, it always made it better.

Just recently I found out that my tv can play Pandora through it. I don’t watch a lot of tv, I have a select few shows I like and other than that I usually just have it on as background noise. Now that I have Pandora on the tv it makes me feel like I did when I was in high school again. It’s a thousand and one times better than hearing random, dumb tv shows playing in the background. My favorite station to play is The Shins. I’ve loved The Shins since middle school. The Shins station plays a pretty big variety as far as alternative music goes. Of course The Beatles always pop up on it and I’m never mad about that.

My second pick of Pandora stations is my guilty pleasure which has to be The Moldy Peaches. If you listen to them today I’m sure they would be ridiculed for being a tumblr meme, try hard of a band. The Moldy Peaches station plays a lot of 50’s, Buddy Holly music for some reason but I really love it. That simple, upbeat music is great background music to your every day life. That’s really how I pick the music I listen to. Think of it like, if your life was a movie, what would the background music be?

So if you find yourself feeling dull or down about having nothing to do today or have something to do that you don’t want to do, try listening to your favorite band. I promise it is a sure way to change your entire outlook on the day. Music can make you excited, confident, sad, whatever. You get to basically pick what genre your life is and that’s awesome. Romantic comedy? Thriller? Action? Drama? There’s music for all of those moods. So what’s your life going to be today?


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