Coffee Time

Coffee, something we all think of as an “adult” beverage. Not in my case. I’ve been drinking the bitter nectar since I was three years old! That’s no exaggeration. For some reason, when I was in pre-school, my mom and all of her teacher friends would have coffee at nap time, and I being the managers daughter, did not have to participate in nap time, so I got to drink coffee with the rest of the teachers. Coffee, milk, and sugar in a sippy cup.

Then, once school started, my mom would give it to me in the mornings before I went to school. Surprisingly, this did not make me bounce off the walls like a ball of constant energy. Maybe it was the fact that I had already been drinking it for a few years prior or maybe it was from how diluted it was from the milk and sugar, but it became part of my morning routine.

Seventeen years later, and I still have my morning coffee like most people have a morning pee. The recipe in my cup has taken many different forms though. It started with coffee, milk, and sugar, then some how changed to my moms famous “chocolate” coffee, which was basically the same coffee, milk, sugar combo but with added chocolate syrup. I had been drinking the same coffee made at the same house for 15 years until my mom got re-married and moved us to her new husbands house. I don’t know what it was, but the coffee never, ever, ever, tasted the same after that. I couldn’t make it sweet enough, strong enough, flavorful enough. It just became, ok. Something far different than what I was used to tasting for the past fifteen years.

So last October I moved out with my boyfriend, on our own for the first time. The first time I had ever needed to make my own coffee. I had never actually needed to make my own coffee. Like the average millennial, I took to the internet to figure out just exactly how you make one cup of coffee for yourself. Place your coffee filter, place one scoop of coffee for each cup you make, press the button. Sounds simple right? The actual process of making the coffee was, it was finding the right coffee for me that was the actual tricky part.

First I tried a bag of Starbucks coffee, cinnamon roll flavored, or something sugary like that. I also bought coffee creamer to go with it. Again, something overly flavored to water down the otherwise bitter flavor of coffee. Trial and error, I tried other flavors, other creamers, and nothing seemed to hit the spot. One day, I ran out of coffee creamer, and decided to go with the old combo of coffee, milk, and sugar. It wasn’t the best taste, but it was better than what I had been drinking. Then it hit me. I didn’t actually like the sugary syrup taste I was used to anymore. My taste buds had evolved over the years to actually like the dark flavor of coffee.

My go to cup of choice today? GEVALIA French Roast, Dark, Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce. Gevalia French Roast, Dark Coffee! With just two spoon fulls of sugar. I used to guzzle down venti sized coffees from Starbucks like it was nothin. Now, Starbucks is never my choice of coffee huts. In fact, I find it to be more like the McDonald’s of coffee places. If I drink anything from there, it just tastes cheap and barely ever has enough actual coffee flavor to it.

Black Coffee

What I’ve learned is that before I lived on my own, I was essentially addicted to sugar rather than coffee. I’ve come to appreciate coffee so much more than sugar. I don’t buy creamer anymore and I don’t spend $20 a week at the closest Starbucks. Save your money and your body by cutting back on sugar. It could change your taste buds for the better!


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