Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve been able to even write on here! I’m starting with a movie review. I just saw Dunkirk in theaters in 70mm over the weekend and it was well worth the 30 minute drive.

The opening scene in Dunkirk pretty much set the mood for the rest of the movie, which was hopeless and jarring. We have our land, sea, and air to focus on throughout the film that takes place over different periods of time but meeting together at the last scene. Something I was definitely expecting more of was blood and gore, but this didn’t take anything away from the impact of the film. Many of the soldiers die around the main characters but nothing too disturbing.

Something that most movies have been getting right in 2017 is the sound effects and timing of the sounds. Dunkirk did an insanely amazing job at creating a disturbing and chaotic soundtrack to go with the jump like scares that the soldiers endure. One scene specifically, which happens to be my favorite of the entire movie, is when the soldiers just happen to find safety on a ship. The ship is crowded and the feeling is off. Only one soldier is happy to be on, while the other is anxious. As a viewer, you agree more with the anxious soldier rather than the relieved one. A torpedo hits the ship and you are given a beautiful underwater scene. This scene reminded me a lot of a scene from The Titanic in the aspect that the scene right before the ship getting hit is bright, and then as the ship falls apart the lights go out and the passengers are left in complete darkness. We see the soldiers struggle under the water for a minute and the sound effect is absolutely perfect. This specific sound effect might be what makes this scene work so well besides creating an isolated and crowded feeling, the only way I can explain it is if you were to clap your hands over your ears over and over.

I don’t know if picking the actors was purposeful but picking Harry Styles to play one of the soldiers adds to the empathy you feel for these child like characters. None of the soldiers truly look like men. They all look like adolescents, and then we have Harry Styles who we all relate to a boy band, playing an asshole of a character in war. Not only do the characters look like boys but they seem to also act like boys as well. One scene we have them all hiding in a ship on land and rather than focusing on how to get the ship into the water they all focus in on one French soldier who has slipped his way into their group. This scene really showed the maturity level of them and in return makes you feel even worse for the doomed characters.

Dunkirk doesn’t have a whole lot of dialogue but it definitely didn’t need it. The actions and events don’t necessarily need dialogue because it’s all about these characters just trying to survive. The ending actually leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling that you don’t expect considering the dark and hopeless feeling you get until that point. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a sad, depressing, tale, but you can sort of see the sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

Definitely see this movie in 70mm if you can. The flickering of the film actually goes really well with the story and makes it seem even more realistic. If you can’t see it on 70mm, go see it anyways. Dunkirk is an overall good movie. Good visuals, good sound effects, good story.


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