How To Get Hired Anywhere

I can’t believe I haven’t already written about this. I have had my fair share of jobs. Most of which I had no reason to get hired for other than my personality in the interview. My very first job was at a fast food restaurant when I was 16 with zero experience. Just last year I weaseled my way into a dental assistant position with only three months of experience prior. The point is, getting a job is not as hard as people think and you definitely do not have to be qualified.

Here are some simple yet important tips when applying/interviewing for a job you want


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve interviewed for a job and after getting it been told I was the only applicant that smiled! Sometimes just acting like you want to be there and having a positive attitude is all it takes. Don’t underestimate the power a smile has.

2. Don’t Be Nervous

This might sound easier than it looks, especially when you aren’t exactly qualified for the position you are applying for, but if you can pull off at least pretending that you aren’t nervous, it will help. Before you actually go to the interview, just tell yourself you will get the job and that the interviewer is going to love you. This works better than you might expect.

3. Make Conversation

Most jobs want to know that you are simply going to fit in with the rest of the staff. If you are too quiet they might think you won’t make it in with the rest of the employees. If you can even make small talk about the weather or compliment the interviewer on their outfit, it can really turn out well in your favor. I got one of my jobs just by simply talking about a tv show I liked. The interviewer told me the whole staff also watched the show and felt like I would fit in perfectly.

4. Dress Accordingly

Employers want to know you wont be more of a problem than a solution. What I mean by this is, dress for the interview as closely as to what you think the every day uniform will be for the job. If you have any facial piercings or crazy hair colors you are more likely to not get hired. Take out any facial piercings before the interview and then once you have been hired, you can ask them what is and is not ok to wear. And as much as you love your pink hair, most jobs don’t allow unnatural hair colors. If you are looking for a job it’s best to have a natural hair color. When picking out your outfit for your interview you don’t want to overdress but you also don’t want to under dress. For my dental assistant position I wore scrubs because I knew that’s what I would be wearing every day. If you are applying for a sales associate position it’s usually ok to wear jeans, a nice shirt, and close toed shoes. Never wear revealing tops or too short of dresses or skirts. Go easy on the makeup too. Try to wear very minimal jewelry. As much as you want to express yourself in your appearance, employers aren’t looking for that. They just want someone who is going to transition very nicely into the position.

5. Always Shake Hands

Be the first one to go for the hand shake in the interview. Some employers won’t hire you based on that alone. After the interview, before leaving, shake the interviewers hand and always, always, always say “it was nice to meet you“. A first impression is important but you also want to leave the interviewer with a nice, professional impression as well.

6. Stretch Your Application

Don’t straight up lie, but you want your application to stand out. Use bigger words for certain things. Any job that you’ve worked with the public can be considered customer service. Customer service sounds so much better than “fast food” employee. Talk about how you were in charge of “monetary transactions” instead of the cash register person. Little things like this can make your application stand out from the rest.

7. Emphasize 

Emphasize things that will get you the job. When I got the position as a dental assistant I emphasized how much I enjoyed working one on one with customers. I emphasized how much I loved talking to people and making them smile. This is the most important thing to employers. They want to think that you will enjoy the job.

8. Call

If you think your interview went really well and you haven’t gotten a call back, call them. Give it at least a week, then call them, ask to speak with a manager, and simply say that you are checking up on your application. The worst they can say is that they have hired someone else.

Getting a job is not as difficult as you might think. If you have confidence in yourself it will be a breeze. You have to have the mindset that you are selling yourself to the company. You have to make yourself sound like a smart investment. Be patient. The perfect job is waiting for you.


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