What’s Your Color?

Finding the right color for your hair color, skin tone, and eye color is so important. If you wear or use the wrong colors, they can essentially make you look dull or just not the best. I just recently found my go to color two years ago when I was working at Pink. We had just received a shipment of these long sleeved tees in a bunch of different colors. I put one of the shirts up to me and all of my coworkers started freaking out. Every one of them said that they had never seen a color look so good on someone before. Of course I had to buy the shirt. Ever since I’ve found that color I try to buy and use as much of it as possible, because it truly does look great on me.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
My Go To Color

Finding your color is easy. Experiment. See what looks good and what doesn’t. I have green eyes, dark brown hair, and a warmer light skin tone. My color is a light pink. Any shade of pink really looks pretty good on me but a powdery pink makes all of my colors look the best. For blue eyes, you might want to try blues, browns, light browns, dark browns, even purples. You have to test things out and once you get the right color you will know because people will notice. Brown eyes look good in almost anything but especially good in shades of blue.

The easiest way to find your color is by taking time on your eye shadows. Test different colors and the ones that are for you will stand out. For clothing you want to do the same thing with shirts. Get as many different colors of shirts as you can find at a store and try them all on in a dressing room, or just put them up to you and check them out in a mirror. You will immediately be able to tell the colors that are too light, too dark, and the ones that are just right for you.

Hair is a little different. You can really do anything you want with your hair ( I know I have) as long as you change the colors you wear to look best with your new hair color, you will always look amazing. When I had blonde hair I stayed away from yellows and whites because those make you look washed out. With my natural hair color (dark brown) I stay away from black and any really dark colors.

Me With My Blonde Hair

Take some time looking at the color wheel. Study the colors that Β contrast. The color wheel will give you all you need to know. But don’t feel like you have to use any rules! It really is all subjective to what you like on you. If you have blonde hair and your favorite color is yellow, you can still make it work! Have fun with it and try new things. It took me 18 years to find my color! I pretty much hated pinks before I found out how good it looked on me. So like they say, don’t knock it til’ you try it. You never know what’s going to be your go to color.



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