An Easy Way To Save Money When You Shop

Β Considering I’ve been unemployed for almost five months now (by choice), I’ve figured out some easy ways to save money. Not only have I figured out how to save Β money but I’ve also figured out how to make money.

Every single time I go to the store I make money back. Every single time. All I do is use the app called ibotta. ibotta is a quick, easy, simple app that gives you money back for certain things you have already bought. It’s great because that’s the key, it’s stuff I was already going to buy anyways. I don’t spend extra time worrying about certain brands or anything like that. I simply go to the store and buy all the things I normally buy and then take a picture of my receipt and ibotta gives me cash back on certain brands and items.


How does it work? The app has different stores you can pick from, from there you pick the items/brands that you use/buy. This includes things like: any brand of milk (so no matter what brand of milk you buy you will get cash back), any brand of bananas (I buy bananas every time I go to the store!), any brand of cola, any item (literally get cash back on any single item), and then it goes from different categories and tons of different items to pick from. Once you have gone to the store and have a receipt with you, simply take a picture, pick the items that you bought, and the app puts the cash on your account. The app is hooked up through your paypal account and once you are ready to cash out, just withdraw your money. It really is simple as that.

Β  How can you make more money? You can make even more money with this app by adding your friends. When you add your friends and family to the app you can reach a goal together. There are tons of bonus goals to reach and every time you and all of your friends on the app buy something, it goes towards the goal. If you guys reach the goal in time you both/all get more money back. Every time you add a friend, you get $5 whole dollars! It’s so easy to make a little extra cash with this app. It’s no work at all. No, you won’t be making enough money to buy groceries with it, but it is still more money than you had before. I’ve had the app for two months now and I’ve already made $7.25. That’s $7.25 back on things I was already going to buy in the first place. The more you use the app the more money you will get back. I’d much rather be making some type of money back than none at all!


So if you are interested in this app I also suggest using my referral code so we can make money together! When you download the app and create your account it will ask you for a referral code, the code you can use is: ykaykyy. It’s all lowercase letters. Once you use that code we will be friends on the app and when we both shop we will reach goals together and make even more money!

I hope you guys are as impressed with this app as I am! Enjoy πŸ™‚


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