How I Grew My Makeup Collection!

I first started wearing makeup in middle school. I would spend hours looking up different styles on Pinterest, figuring out how to where different products on YouTube, and just all out experimenting (which did not always look as wonderful as I thought). I don’t call myself a makeup expert, I really only have a few brands that I truly promote because I have had a wonderful experience with them. One day, while I was looking up something about makeup I found Ipsy. Ipsy is an affordable, monthly, makeup subscription. It’s only $10 to sign up and you get at least 5 new products and an adorable new bag every month (the price is really what sold me). The great thing about Ipsy is that they give you new brands and products to try out but also give you products and brands that you already love. You fill out a personalized survey with all of your personal details like: hair color, skin color, eye color, styles you like, brands you like, where you buy your makeup, and if you’re new or a pro at makeup.

I’ve never once regretted starting my subscription with Ipsy! I always feel like I get my moneys worth in products and then some. If you don’t like a product that you received in your bag you can also review all of your items on your Ipsy account, and if you really hated a product you can put it in your review and they will never send you that product again. Same goes for if you loved a product. I usually always get a new makeup brush (because you can never have too many) and a new nail polish (I love trying all the new colors they give me!).

So now that I’m sure you’re already sold on Ipsy to begin with, I’ve decided it’s a perfect fit for my product review column. I will be reviewing all of my Ipsy bags from here on out so you guys can see what I got and if you want to try any of the products yourself you will know exactly what I think is a good product and what is not worth buying. The products I don’t think are worth buying will not have a link. I will also be reviewing the entire bag, each item that I love will get a star and if I don’t like the item it will not get a star.

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Ipsy Bag #1

So this is the adorable bag I got for this month! The bags vary in size but are normally the size of an average, travel size, makeup bag. I really loved the bag this month so I give it one star for the bag.

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I was not crazy about this blush. It was too loose of a powder to stick and I only would wear the darker color. I will most likely give this product away. No star for this item.

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Blush Sample
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This is the Ciaté WonderWand Gel Kohl in Black .028oz. I really really loved this product. I don’t normally ever use a pencil eyeliner to do a winged look, but just because I got the product I went ahead and tested it out. To my surprise, using this for a winged look was one of the easiest ways I’ve ever done a winged look! Simply draw on your top lid using the pencil end and then create your wing using the angled brush end!

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Ciate WonderWand Gel Kohl in Black Pencil End
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Ciate WonderWand Gel Kohl in Black Brush End
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The next product I received was a cleansing gel. I wasn’t impressed with this product for a couple of reasons. One being that there were no details about the product on the bottle, I really didn’t know if this was a facial cleanser or a brush cleanser. Two,  the smell was not appealing at all. I didn’t even try this product.

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Cleansing Gel

The last product I tested out was the Beau Gachis Illuminator Brush. This is just another great brush I can add to my collection. It’s really nice to have a build up of brushes when you are using multiple different eye shadow colors. I don’t have the link to this product but you can search for the brand on google and find it that way.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Beau Gachis Illuminator Brush

I give this Ipsy bag an over all star score of 3/6 Stars. I hope you guys enjoy this product review! I will be reviewing all of my Ipsy bags from here on out 🙂


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