Goodnight Mommy

I first saw the trailer for Goodnight Mommy a few years ago while scrolling through the “Coming Soon” section on IMDb. The description alone made me want to see it. The trailer was amazing and left me with plenty of questions. The movie kind of left my mind I guess and I had only remembered it again because of a movie night that my boyfriend and I have been hosting. I decided it would be a perfect pick for kino movie night.

Goodnight Mommy is a German film and besides being completely spoken in German, opens with the perfectly toned scene of a black and white German song sung by woman and some children. It’s creepy and endearing all at the same time. The song sort of sounds like “rock a by baby”. The two main characters are Lukas and Elias, twin boys played by Lukas and Elias Schwarz. The boys did an amazing job with their parts and basically held the film on their backs considering the story almost leaves you with no mystery after the first two scenes.

I was sadly disappointed in this film. It had so much potential, great characters, the perfect set up for a good mystery/horror movie, but it left me with a very bland taste in my mouth. After the mother gets home from her facial reconstructive surgery, everything you need to know is there. I held on, hoping there would be a possible major plot twist at the end but there just wasn’t. A specific scene (trying my best to not give any spoilers) in the movie could have made you guessing until the very end.

This movie did a pretty good job at the shock factor as far as plain gross and disturbing scenes go. Many scenes had me turning my head at how disgusting they were. I thought the film was going to create a slow build up of small, weird things happening until the major plot twist happens towards the end, but instead I felt pretty bored, waiting and waiting for the end.

Goodnight Mommy just didn’t live up to the trailer. It could have been pretty good.. but I hate to say this was just a slow, sad, sink of a scary movie. If you want to know what happens I would actually suggest just reading the plot online rather than wasting any time seeing this movie.

5/10 (Don’t waste your time)




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  1. Agreed. This film is a prime example of a great idea and excellent marketing and trailers leading up to it, but it wasn’t executed to its full potential. Nice review!

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