Why You Need More Tuna

Let’s be honest, tuna is smelly, comes in a can, and for the most part is unappealing. But I learned a secret about tuna on a lunch break one day and I’ve been telling every one about it since. At my previous job I would bring my lunch and eat with a few other employees. One day, a girl opened a can of tuna, put it in a bowl, and then put a blob of…BBQ sauce on it? Ew... is exactly what I thought too. I asked her, “did you just put BBQ sauce on your tuna?”. She informed me that it takes the “tuna” taste and smell away and in return tastes just like pulled pork. She had me try a bite and sure enough, she was not lying! I think they call tuna “the chicken of the sea” for a reason. Since then, I have tried tuna a plethora of different ways. If you can take anything away from this post it should be that whatever you mix with tuna is exactly what your dish will taste like. Here are some of my creations (don’t knock em’ til you try em’).

BBQ Tuna


1 5oz can of Tuna

2tbs of your favorite BBQ sauce

Simply mix the ingredients together. You can enjoy this on its own or make “pulled pork” sandwiches. Just add buns.

Teriyaki Tuna


1 5oz can of Tuna

2tbs of Teriyaki sauce

1tbs of Sweet and Sour sauce

Again, mix these ingredients together very well. Eat plan or I paired mine with cucumber slices.

Tuna Salad

1 5oz can of Tuna

1tbs of Mustard

1tbs of Mayonase 

1tbs of Dill relish or 1 chopped Pickle

1tsp of Paprika 

Mix the ingredients together. Enjoy this on its own or pair with crackers or a tuna salad sandwich.

Tuna is a cheap, simple, and a basic staple ingredient. It’s a great way to add fish to your diet without taking any fishy supplements. I hope you guys can dare to try some of these tasty recipes!

Enjoy 🙂


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