Baby Driver

When I saw the previews for this movie I was not impressed. From what I could see, it was a movie about cars. Movies about cars usually lack in story telling, interesting characters, and are full of junkie scenes that make zero sense. To my surprise, I was wrong!

Baby Driver was creatively new and had me hungry for the next scene like flipping to the next page in a good book. Ansel Elgort seemed to carelessly play his character, Baby, like it was a piece of himself. Baby does sort of come off a little slow when he speaks but other than that he’s charming and an easy character to root for. BD doesn’t go into too much detail on any character but doesn’t necessarily need to. It’s a great mix of chemistry between the characters and the story itself.

The chase scenes were directed incredibly well. You know exactly what’s going on, but it still has you guessing how Baby’s going to get out of the impossible mess of each situation. The music syncs up perfectly with each chase, making it feel more like a choreographed dance. Along with the music, I love the beat of each bullet that comes with the unrealistic shootout scenes as well.

Baby Driver felt a little too long for its own story towards the end. There are a few scenes that seem over done and some character relationships that aren’t quite organic enough to go unquestioned. Other than that, I would say Baby Driver is a much needed hit for 2017. It’s fun, original, and leaves you feeling like you want to drive your car 180 mph on the way home from the theater.

8/10 See In Theaters


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  1. Every now and again there is a movie that releases that I HAVE to see in theaters. This is one of those times and I’m going this week. I usually wait until its released unless I know for sure its gonna be dynamite. Great review!

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