I Minimized My Closet & Here’s What Happened…

So in my recent post I talked about “Minimalism” and how it can make your life more meaningful while also cutting down your spending habits. I clean out my closet almost every season, but I decided to give it another go after learning so much about minimalism. The strategy I used to do it was asking myself a few questions about each item which were: do I like this item, have I worn this item in the past six months, and will I wear this item in the next six months? For the items that were still wearable and fairly new but I no longer wanted to keep I put in a “sell” pile, for the clothes that were still nice but not sell-able I put in a “give away” pile, and the clothes that were stained, ripped, or not nice enough to give away I put in a “throw away” pile.

I honestly didn’t think I would down size my closet too much considering I just recently went through my clothes a few months ago, but to my surprise I nearly cut my closet size in half! I had an overflowing trash bag full of items to sell, a few items I could give away, and a lot of items that had to be completely tossed out.

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Minimizing My Closet

As you can see, my closet is still pretty full of shoes and other items. I decided to count exactly how much I had of what, just to put it all in perspective for myself and you guys too. The count came down to: 19 shirts, 7 tank tops, 7 sweatshirts, 3 cardigans, 3 jackets, 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, and 10 pairs of shoes. This is does not include pj’s, sweatpants, or t-shirts that are in my dresser, or even clothes that are in the hamper and being washed right now.

Even after spending over an hour getting my closet minimized, I still have so much stuff! Over the years I have basically hoarded tons of clothes. I remember when I was younger and constantly growing out of the clothes I loved. I would always dream of the day that I would stop growing and be able to have a nice collection of clothes. Well that time came around my first year of high school and the collection has grown, and grown, and grown! It’s grown to the point that it’s completely unnecessary. Not only do I not need that many items of clothing, but to think that I spent that much money on clothes is such a waste and a prime example of consumerism. Buying the clothes was something that was so normal but at the same time very unhealthy. When you buy and have more than what you need it doesn’t make your life feel fuller or happier. Having more than what you need only gives you the illusion that the items make you happy.

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders just by minimizing my closet. I’m going to continue to minimize everything I own and let you guys know how it goes! I encourage everyone to try this, it really gives you some perspective on how much you spend and buy over the years. Remember, your home is a place for living, not storing.



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