Tomato Toast & Mediterranean Salad

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies! That’s exactly what this breakfast/brunch is about. I don’t eat right when I wake up, normally it’s a few hours after. By the time I eat I’m usually starving! This toast/salad combo is perfect for filling me up. 

Toast Ingredients

1 Slice of Whole Grain Toast

1tbs of Butter

2 Slices of a Tomato

A sprinkle of Pepper

Pop the slice of toast into the toaster until it’s as crisp as you like it. While the toast is toasting go ahead and cut your two slices of tomato. Once the toast is finished, spread the butter nice and evenly over the bread. Prop the two slices of tomato onto the toast and lastly, sprinkle the pepper over the whole thing. 

Mediterranean Salad


1 Larger piece of Celary

1 Tomato or 1C of Cherry Tomatos 

1 Small Can of Black Olives

1/2 of a Large Of Cucumber

Feta Cheese

Italian Dressing

Chop up the celery, tomato (only if you are using a whole tomato), and cucumber. Once all of these are nicely diced, put them all in a larger sized bowl. Open the can of black olives, drain it, and toss in the olives. Put as much feta cheese in as you’d like. Lastly, drizzle the Italian dressing over the mix and stir everything until all of the ingredients are nicely coated in the dressing. 

These two recipes go nicely with each other or separately, however you’d like! 

                                    Enjoy 😊 


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