The Sad Reusable Coffee Filter

You all know how much I enjoy recycling and doing my best in saving the environment. Well we were one coffee filter away from being completely out of the little thing I need in order to drink the only thing that keeps me alive in the mornings. We stopped by the store last night to grab a few things and I was going the get the normal, paper coffee filters. My boyfriend says, “Why don’t you just get these?“. I turn and see something, I think at the time, what a great idea! Reusable coffee filters!

Large Reusable Coffee Filter

I definitely got too excited over the reusable coffee filter we bought, but I knew I only had a nights sleep before I could try it out.

I wake up this morning ready to jump out of bed and try out this “go green” coffee related invention. I open the coffee pot, pour in the water, open the reusable coffee filter, pop it in the coffee filter spot, AND…….it seems too big.

Large Reusable Coffee Filter Not Fitting In My Coffee Pot

I try pushing it in a little harder...still too big. I take it out and examine it, just to be sure this purchase wasn’t useless…it’s simply too big!

Large Reusable Coffee Filter Being Pushed Into My Coffee Pot

Thankfully I had one coffee filter left and did not have to go without my coffee this morning. But I’m very sad to say, this reusable coffee filter is NOT one size fits all.

Useless Large Reusable Coffee Filter

So, if you have had any luck or the same problem as I did with reusable coffee filters leave a comment and let me know! For now, it is the same paper coffee filters for me.


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