It Comes At Night

I first noticed A24 productions when I went to see The Lobster. I’m so bored with movies nowadays, but A24 has produced original idea after original idea and never seems to disappoint. I was so excited when I saw the trailer for It Comes At Night not only because it seemed to only touch the surface of the true horrors of the film, but it was also produced by A24! Before I even saw the film I was sure it would be a wonderful, terrifying ride.

Β It Comes At Night is a giant ball of tension and awkward scenes. The build ups are amazing and then a huge let down the majority of the time. The build ups lead to nothing but the movie itself does not let you down as far as horror goes. The setting is almost post-apocalyptic. An unknown, black plague-like disease has turned back time to log cabins and candle light dinners. The best scenes are surrounded by a red door led by a short, dark hallway. These are the scenes that make you grab the edge of your seat, expecting a monster to be behind the door every time, but sure enough nothing is ever there.

I want to point out some of the sounds in the movie. Making an awkward scene is pretty easy, but It Comes At Night does it so well that it creates unnecessary anxiety. Many scenes are silent with the clanking of dishes or everyone holding their breath, including the audience. The trailer for the film really pumps you up, expecting something to be hiding in the shadows, but the only thing hiding in the dark is distrust among the two families.

It Comes At Night does a wonderful job at being realistic when it comes to a sense of paranoia that would come with a murderous disease. With limited resources and pure space to let your imagination run wild, the movie did actually scare me. If I were to put myself in the situation, I would definitely die off and have no clue how to survive in the wilderness. I don’t think I would be able to trust my own instincts or my own imagination either. All in all,Β It Comes At Night is a mind rattling, psychosis nightmare and it stays true to an original tale of what really comes at night. This movie did not create a stupid, unrealistic monster or bring people back from the dead. It leaves just enough to your imagination to really get your mind going.

As the movie kept going and nothing was ever behind the red door, I realized that nothing was going to get them. I was expecting the movie to leave on an unanswered note any minute, sadly it was about thirty minutes past due. I’d much rather see a movie that’s too short rather than not short enough. There are some unnecessary scenes that could be taken out and the movie would have been much better. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies, but I’d have also been happier if I could have had more of a shock factor rather than being able to guess every thing that was going to happen half way through.

It Comes At Night is still an entertaining ride, but after you’ve seen it once, there’s really no point in seeing it again. After you know what comes at night you won’t ever guess what comes a second time. Besides Get Out, It Comes At Night is the best scary movie I’ve seen in ages. Take the time to see it in theaters or buy it on blue ray and watch it in the dark. Seven out of ten, would recommend.


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