My First Month of Blogging

One month down, many more to come! When I decided to start a blog I thought it could be an easy way to make money. I never thought it was going to be actual work. It’s still not technically work because I absolutely love doing it but it takes time and dedication to get really good at (which I’m no where near).

Writing blog posts is the easy part. In high school my teachers would always tell me what a great writer I was but I never really cared or thought too much about it. My first and only semester of college, my writing teacher was so impressed with one of my papers she used it as an example for the other classes. Still, even though I was proud of that, I didn’t feel like writing was my thing. I’ve always been someone who’s very very opinionated. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas but I didn’t really know how to do the sharing part. I would write things on social media but when you get too opinionated on there it seems like someone always has to comment and start an argument. One day my mom mentioned starting a blog. Again, I didn’t put too much thought into it. I was working a stressful job over forty hours a week. The job itself was almost all I could put my energy into. It was simply exhausting. After nine months I finally decided to quit. It was probably the best decision of my life. Without a job I had actual free time again. I searched the internet on how to make money without getting another full time job and over and over blogging would pop up. That’s when I finally decided to go for it.

All of that was a little over a month ago. Since then I’ve learned more researching on my own than I would in any college class. I’ve finally figured out all of the ropes of wordpress, I’ve found an outlet for my thoughts, and I’ve even began to figure out google adsence! It’s all a work in progress but it’s constantly progressing. Some of the hardest parts have been figuring out how to get my writing out there. I still haven’t quite found the secret to that. Blogging has become something I look forward to every day. I look for inspiration in everything. If you can be creative enough you really could write about everything. The internet can be a beautiful thing. Surprisingly most of the help I’ve gotten for my blog has been through pinterest! There are hundreds, probably thousands, of pins about blogging.

I’ve set many goals for myself. Right now blogging is a hobby but the goal is to turn it into a full time income. My mindset has changed. This is something I really want. Although my goal seems far away now it’s one hundred percent worth it. I don’t think anything will stop me. I’ve had ideas in the past for businesses and products but after a few days of thinking about them I would usually find something to stop my motivation dead in its tracks. Blogging has been quite the opposite. Every day I’m more and more motivated to be successful at this. My goal for my first month of subscribers was 20. It was do-able and still a big enough number to be happy with. I came up short at 18. That’s not going to stop me. I’m still so proud of myself for having 18 readers in the first place!

My blog name is silly but it’s different. Bemilieblawkins is a mouthful but with dedication and hard work I truly think people will catch on. Who knows, in a few months I might decide to change my name. Everything I’m working on today is just the foundation of what I have in mind for tomorrow. Any of my ideas I had in the past would have eventually worked if I would have just kept going and working on them. I’m sticking to blogging. Making my long term goal into a reality might take months or even years but if you are passionate about something and stick with it you will never be sorry. Nobody practiced baseball every day for five years and ended up worse at it. Some successful people catch big breaks but the majority put in a lot of hard work for long periods of time to get where they are.

Success blog stories are motivating but what’s more motivating is reading my subscribers blog posts. Many of my followers have more subscribers than I do and it makes me keep writing that much more. I’ve done more reading this past month than I have since my junior year of high school! I’m always trying to catch up on the latest blog post and read more on creating a successful blog myself. The more I read the more I get inspired.

I want to thank my 18 subscribers. Hopefully one day I can look back and laugh at that number but today I’m proud of it. The numbers mean nothing if your readers aren’t engaged and I’m lucky to have some pretty active readers. If you enjoy my writing keep on reading! This is just the beginning for bemilieblawkins.


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