An Easy & CHEAP Outfit 

Although it might not look like it (hopefully) I’m always looking for bargains and cheap clothes. I’ve never been able to let myself spend $300 on a designer handbag or the new $150 pair of shoes. I look for the sales and plunge! In KC we have some pretty cute and trendy thrift stores. Yes. I said thrift stores! Trust me, there is no shame in being a thrifty shopper. Most of these places will only accept name brand clothes that have no sign of being worn. Some of my favorite articles of clothing have been bought at thrift stores for less than $10! Not only do I occasionally thrift shop, I’m proud of it! It’s fun and cheap and you get more clothes for less money. I highly recommend everyone give it a go. 

This is an outfit I wore just the other day. Summer is coming so the clothes are getting shorter and smaller 😉  In this outfit I’m wearing a crop top from Forever 21 ($7), thrift store shorts (less than $5), and some old vans I bought years ago ($45). One thing I do splurge  on occasionally are shoes but you can get the ones pictured at any target or Walmart (not name brand) for about $12. Over all this outfit is cheap, cute, and perfect for the summer heat 🙂 


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