Movie Review: Me and My Gal (1932)

The challenge for 1001 movies to watch before I die is not in order of the list. I’m simply watching the movies from the list in order in which are free to watch on my tv. The winner for the second available movie was, Me and My Gal, a movie from 1932. I was a little worried I might get bored with this one. It was over an hour long and the almost century difference might take away from the story. I was happily mistaken!

Many people think the witty cat and mouse like game between the two main characters is what makes this movie so great. I was more impressed with the organic sense of dialogue that happened between every character. The movie was better than a movie. You know it’s a film but the exchange in conversation between each character is humorous and realistic. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen a movie that has such great character to character dialogue. Not once during the movie did I think, “oh wow this is a movie”. It was refreshing… even though this movie was from 1932.

Though there is a lot of slang in the film, it isn’t distracting. A little “jake to you” here and there but nothing that takes away from the story. The story is sweet and exciting. Now a days there would be much more happening in the movie than just what’s on the surface. But so many movies today miss a point. Me and My Gal gets to the point with just enough lingering to keep the story entertaining.

I feel a strong sense of British comedy through out the movie. You have an ol drunky that follows the lead character from beginning to end who doesn’t need to force a laugh. The altercations between the drunks are often but never boring. Everything is just enough. You could pick and prod but the movie left me feeling complete with the ending. I have to say Me and My Gal is a film movies today need to take notes on.

It’s been eye opening watching movies from so long ago. I love seeing what was known as entertainment back then. Most of the stories are simple but the little details and focus on character is what makes them work so well. I would love to see that happen in Hollywood once again. Make movies entertaining with the characters themselves and not what is happening to them.


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