A 2017 Review on a Movie From 1902

From the beginning of time man has felt the desire to explain his own perspective. The cavemen drew on walls. The poets made theater and stories. The directors made movies. It’s hard to believe that movies were being made over 100 years ago. I’m someone who enjoys reading, writing, and films. So I guess you could say I’m interested in outside perspectives. I could spend my whole life jumping inside other peoples minds and staying for a day or two, like a mini vacation from my own reality. Movies are definitely one of my favorite ways to do that… without actually jumping inside other peoples minds. Some people don’t have the attention span for a full movie. I could watch movies all day long and never get bored.

There is a list out there called, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, edited by Steven Schneider. Besides outside perspectives I’m continuously motivated by a challenge. 1001 movies to see before I die? I can do that! So I started the journey through the most talented directors visions. The list starts in 1902 with, A Trip To The Moon.

A Trip To The Moon, directed by Georges Melies. The movie was created over 110 years ago. To have the technology to create motion pictures that long ago seems like real magic today. A Trip To The Moon is only 13 minutes long but the story it tells is not only complete but actually entertaining. I was thoroughly entertained today in 2017 so I can only imagine how entertaining it must have been in 1902.

The film now has voice overs to explain the actions but would still be just as effective without. Beginning with a meeting among scientist and explorers, I was almost immediately intrigued. The title is all telling but the little details are amusing enough to sit through the 13 minutes. Of course the group of men want to fly to the moon. Out of this world for the time being. Unlike sci-fys we see today, like Alien:Covenant, A Trip To The Moon had comedic relief in all the right places. Every scene had me wanting more. You see the famous, silly, moon face close up. Then you see them land again in a more realistic sense. Once they are on the moon, the film almost becomes meta. These ridiculous chicken head like creatures come about. No questions asked, the group of earthlings decide the chicken men are a threat and must leave immediately. Back to earth they land and a chicken man has tagged along with them. The earthlings then decide the only plausible action to take is to beat the chicken man.

Scientific satire at its finest. For a film that is so aged, it’s more like a fine wine. I think this is just as a treasure now as it was then. Who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of humans find chicken alien men on the moon? Though the movie was short and sweet, it answered all of it’s own questions and entertained while doing so. More often than not, I go to a movie and leave asking more questions than I arrived with. There’s something so simple in a beginning, middle, and end. A Trip To The Moon is a creative and quirky spin on a beginning, middle, and an end. I highly recommend spending a bit of free time to see this Β little work of art.


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