Over the weekend my boyfriend and I had the lovely pleasure of house sitting for his sister. I’m someone who tries to be pretty health conscious most of the time but every now and then, sometimes more than others, I pig out on junk food. We only stayed for two nights so we both agreed we would just enjoy eating out for our meals. Both of us are sort of night owls, so we stay up late and wake up even later.

His sister lives two hours away so our first night there we ate at Bob Evans (for those of you that don’t know it’s similar to an IHOP or a Denny’s) before we started our drive. Normally my zero meat diet is pretty easy to do. Most places now either have an entire part of the menu specifically for vegetarians or you can order something that has meat in it without it. I had my eye set on a Mexican styled omelette, I’ve ordered something similar at IHOP before. My mind was made up and it was our first time eating that day, so I was very ready to chow down on this simple egg and salsa combo. To my surprise when I went to order the meal of my choice without sausage, the waitress informed me that the salsa/sausage mix was pre-made and I couldn’t get it without sausage. I compromised with some eggs, hash browns, and some french toast on the side. I splurged this meal and also ordered a caramel, chocolate, coffee drink (I always need coffee in the morning).

We finished our first meal of the day and began our little journey towards Topeka Kansas. We had a fairly easy time entertaining ourselves with the road sign ABC game (the one where you try to find road signs with a word starting with each letter of the alphabet) and listening to Vampire Weekend.  Topeka came closer, and we finally reached our destination. After a two hour car ride we were already sort of hungry for a snack. Who wouldn’t be after driving through a flat, nothing to look at, Kansas? Snacks and a binge watch of Impractical Jokers were the main course on the house sitting menu that night. Sounds like fun right? I decided on buffalo flavored Combos, Jeff got some Cheez-Its and popcorn, and we both needed a sweet treat after all of that which was a shareable sized bag of M&M’s.

Something I never get after eating a healthy green salad is a stomach ache. At the end of the night, a day full of junk is not the easiest thing for your tummy to digest. Especially mine, since it’s definitely not used to such plastic like food choices. The next day my belly felt better and we were off to…..IHOP. IHOP is one of my favorite places to eat. Breakfast food in general is good, but at IHOP you can get the sugar packed pancakes and the sodium soaked side of hash browns. It’s everything your tongue desires in the morning. This time I got to order my fav salsa stuffed scramble and a coffee. Nothing too crazy. We had a surprisingly good time at the Topeka Zoo and then we spent the evening checking out the abandoned Topeka State Hospital (which used to be an insane asylum , I highly recommend you look it up). Even though we were stuffed from breakfast by 9 o’clock that night we were hungry again. This time some Mexican food.. not snacks.. but still not one of the healthiest choices. The chips and salsa they bring out before the meal always gets me. If I see the chips and salsa, I eat chips and salsa, even after I’m stuffed.

The next morning, I figured we would leave before his sister came home, but instead we stayed all night. Before she came home we went through the Arby’s drive thru. My stomach felt so caked with grease I had to get a salad…but because I don’t eat meat (and Arby’s literally doesn’t offer anything without it) I had to fill myself up with a side of curly fries. I don’t know if I’d ever tasted a side salad so good. I missed the acidic feeling of fresh tomatoes on my tongue. The leafy greens were bitter but sweet. The Italian dressing hit the spot. But then the fries…. pretty much ruined all of that.

Of course, since we waited until Jeff’s sister came home, her and her husband and their kids were hungry that night and we all ended up going out to eat! This was the most I had gone without eating a home cooked meal since our trip to Colorado almost two years ago! Mexican food again. Who can say no to Mexican food anyways? It was fulfilling as always, but my stomach was not very happy. I felt nauseous the whole two hour car ride home. Jeff even felt sick after we got back.

It’s safe to say that “pigging out” isn’t what it used to be. When I was in high school I could eat junk on junk on junk. Now I think my stomach is used to the sweet life of healthy eating. It’s nothing to be mad or sad about but it just makes me want to stick with the habit. Eating healthy for a long period of time really makes you appreciate it. When you look at the greasy fries or the added fat in every take out meal you order, you don’t really want it like you used to. I thought I would be overjoyed with the little break from veggie filled meals but it was quite the opposite! I’m thrilled to be home and ready to cook our first home cooked meal after 3 days of greasy slop! Salad for dinner anyone?


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