The “Yin and Yang” Bowl


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So if any of you haven’t noticed, I have a huge sweet tooth. No matter how much I eat or how full I get, after every meal my mind tends to say, “you need chocolate“. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that growing up, my grandma was always making chocolate sweets (I mean everything, fudge, brownies, pies, cakes and we always had ice cream in the house). It also did not help that she allowed me to eat these things for breakfast!!! Now, 20 years later, I wake up wanting chocolate cake. As an adult, I know these things are only ok in small portions and especially not a healthy choice for breakfast!!!

I’ve gotten pretty into the different types of smoothie bowls and have been experimenting with them quite a bit lately. This one is especially great for when you want something to wake you up, cheer you up, and kick that sweet tooth’s butt. I only named it a “Yin and Yang” bowl because of how it looks but as I was writing this post I also thought, it could be for the good and the bad of waking up in the morning? Kind of far fetched, but you get the creativity. So here is my fabulous and very easy recipe for the “Yin and Yang” bowl:


1 pkg of instant non sweetened oat meal (and whatever milk you use to make the instant oat meal)

1/2 of a large banana

1/4 C of mini dark chocolate chips

1 hand full of plan almonds

1 spoon full of peanut butterΒ 

A dash of coconut (sweetened or non sweetened you choose)

A sprinkle of honey

Of course, make your instant oat meal. Then carefully add the chocolate chips to one side of the bowl as soon as the oatmeal comes out of the microwave (so the chocolate chips can get kind of melted). Next, add slices of the banana on the opposite side of the bowl. Take the hand full of almonds and line them up down the center. Sprinkle the coconut over the slices of banana, drizzle the honey over the almonds, and last but not least, scoop a large amount of peanut butter into a spoon. You can either mix it all up before you eat it or enjoy all of the different flavors individually.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚



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