The Book Of Carnivore

It’s hilarious to me that so many people think when you’re a vegetarian it means you’re like some Jehovah Witness trying to convert them to your religion. When I tell people “I don’t eat meat“, I’m simply letting you know for matter of fact. I don’t care what you eat or what kind of car you drive and you definitely don’t need to proceed to inform me how much you LOVE meat. Telling someone you don’t eat meat is only meant to inform themΒ in the most polite way possible.

When I was in fifth grade I read some book that had every gruesome detail of a slaughter house, how I had this book in fifth grade I do not know. As soon as I finished the fine read I decided right then and there that I was no longer going to eat meat. I told my mother who made me research the right foods to eat in place of meat. She went along with it very nicely, even packing me veggie licious meals for my school lunch. To my surprise as an eleven year old, I received a lot of criticism for my diet. My grandma started adding meat to meals that never had meat in them before just because she did not agree with my decision to NOT eat it. She was almost angry at me for it. She even put bits of hamburger in canned vegetable soup which we had never done before. Because my soul then was not as strong as it is now, I caved and at bacon about 6 months after trying to be a plant eating herbivore.

I didn’t try the all veggie diet again until recently. I did my own research on the best diets for your health and after countless documentaries and some studying online, I came to the conclusion that meat was a no go for me once again. In my research I found, this time, that meat is consumed WAY too much in America. We over consume something that is pretty ok to eat in small portions but extremely unhealthy in large portions. Just like everything else in the land of the free. I also, no surprise here, found that chicken is basically monopolized by Tyson. Tyson is an evil company that wants to produce mass amounts of chicken no matter how unhealthy and cruel it is for the animal or the human. I also found that in WWII, when Germany took away most of the ways of eating meat in Poland, Poland’s cancer rates plummeted. Of course, after the war when Poland got their ways of eating meat back, cancer rates went back up. In country’s where people live to be 125 their diets consist of mostly veggies and fish. Your body is not meant to consume meat at every meal and meat is not meant to be the majority of your meal.

I could truly go on and on and on about the facts and reasons why I no longer want to eat meat but that’s not what this post is about. So two months ago I stopped buying meat at the store, I got as many all veggie recipes pinned on my Pinterest, and here we are. To my surprise not eating meat is not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s been a pretty easy transition. My Kryptonite in fifth grade was bacon, today I think it’s either hot wings or steak. I can easily live without either. My boyfriend has very very surprisingly, smoothly transitioned to the meat free life as well. Of course, he sort of has no choice considering I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking. But he knows the facts by heart and has even decided for himself that the less meat the better.

The other night we were hanging out with friends just talking about our lives and that’s when it happened. We were talking about the things we make for dinner and our grocery shopping and I just threw out there, “we save money because we don’t eat meat”. I thought it would be no big deal just telling our friends. But it was almost like fifth grade all over again. One of them literally made the deepest eye roll in history! I didn’t understand. What was so bad about us not buying or consuming meat? She then continued to let us know that she was not going to ever stop eating meat and she would always crave it. I get that. You don’t want to be a vegetarian. But I simply let them know we did not eat meat, I never said they should not eat meat. We know most people will keep eating meat. We aren’t sensitive like the stereotype says. It doesn’t bother me what other people eat. I’m only in control of what I eat. We aren’t trying to convert people to the veggie side. I also love the argument “your body needs protein”. Do your own research and you will find that you can get every thing you need from meat in veggies and as far as protein goes you can get MORE protein from certain veggies than you would eating the same amount of meat.

So make fun of the veggie eaters all you want but the stigma of “douchey vegetarian” has been reversed to “douchey meat eater” for me. I haven’t ran into any vegan converters yet but if I do I will tell them “No thank you, we’re already on a different diet” and close the door.


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