The First Good Movie of 2017 (Besides & Get Out)

I was not exactly thrilled when my boyfriend suggested that we go see Gaurdian’s Of The Galaxy 2, I hadn’t even seen the first one. I am a huge movie fan but I’m not into superhero movies, wait, make that, I WASN’T into superhero movies. Because I never say no to a movie I decided to go ahead and watch the first one before we went to see the second. We also watched one of our favorite movie critic’s YouTube reviews on the space savior movie. The critic’s seemed to be more than impressed, especially for it being a sequel.

I’m always adamant that I see the previews before seeing a movie,…ALL of the previews. Who likes being late anyways? I want to be relaxed in my seat with my fav movie snacks (normally popcorn and some form of chocolate covered calorie) ready for the show. So like normal I went in to watch the ritualistic previews but disappointingly there was not a single movie I wanted to see! I remember being a little kid and pointing at every movie preview like you did at toy commercials right before Christmas yelling, “I wanna see that!”.  I got to thinking… am I getting old or something?! My hopes were pretty much non existent for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

We sat in the theater  until the lights came back on and every credit had rolled. I haven’t done that since seeing the final Harry Potter in middle school! I was STUNNED. This movie proved its self for a sequel and then some! Heck, I’m excited for a possible, what am I saying, this is a superhero movie, we all know there will be a third one. This movie got everything right. It put my faith back in Hollywood. Ok that’s dramatic but I left the theater listing off everything I loved about it.

Sequels are usually a remake of the first movie with slightly different details. Very few movies have a better second movie than the first. I think a good rule of thumb for a deserving sequel means it needs to be even better than the original or what’s the point? At least try to make it look like you aren’t just making more money by feeding us a rip off of the original. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 did in fact beat the original. I can fully attest considering I watched the original just hours before. I definitely would have fallen asleep if this sequel was a copy of the original.

The reason this movie did SO well was making the sequel more about the individual characters and building their bond even further. The original movie let us meet the characters and get a little hint at their dynamic between each other. The sequel gave us more details on each character and showed us a perfectly communicated relationship between one another. These characters are so well written you actually experience their emotions through out the film which is shocking to say considering one is a raccoon and one is a tree.

This movie was completely original. It is so rare these days to find raw creativity. It’s sad but completely true. Blame our school system or evolution but creativity is a rare find these days. Maybe that’s to blame for the rise in anxiety and depression. Hollywood is to blame for my anxiety and depression. Let down after let down. What happened to movies with a good story and characters I cared about? Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is HOPEFULLY a glance into a better future for movies? I’m probably too optimistic. We’ll see.

I was actually refreshed with the full story of this film. It made perfect sense! Yes, I left the theater without any stupid questions. The plot was on point. The locations were new and exciting. I found myself being more and more curious of the world GotG2 created. The colors worked so ingeniously! It was the perfect pallet. The neon’s and the galaxy vibrancy throughout the journey made it all the more enjoyable.

If I really wanted to be picky I could say that the movie could have been shorter and left some extras out. But to be completely honest, I loved this movie so much I am asking for a 3rd! The creations of characters and planets and creatures are so much fun and so genuine I do want more of this universe. The true question is if the 3rd film will be worth it and will it prove its worth. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m excited for the day I see those previews.


There were FIVE post-credits which is why we stayed until the very end.


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