August Glam Bag!

I finally got my ipsy  for August! This months ipsy is all about good vibes. I'm all for it! I rate every ipsy bag on a 6 star scale. For more information on what ipsy is in the first place you can read my post on it here! Ok, let's get to it! The bag itself for August.... Continue Reading →


What Genre Is Your Life?

Think of your favorite song, if you even have one. You'd be surprised how big of an affect music can have on your mood. When I was in high school I spent so much of my time looking up new music, finding new bands, and just rockin out in my room by myself. And if... Continue Reading →

Coffee Time

Coffee, something we all think of as an "adult" beverage. Not in my case. I've been drinking the bitter nectar since I was three years old! That's no exaggeration. For some reason, when I was in pre-school, my mom and all of her teacher friends would have coffee at nap time, and I being the... Continue Reading →

Falling In Love

Oh love. Such a complicated word. Such a beautiful, sweet, princess's and unicorns, word. Hahah! Wrong. Love is not what everyone thinks..... and I'm here to tell you guys why we need to hold back on the whole idea. Let me explain. From personal experience of course. I can remember exactly when boys became a... Continue Reading →


Wow, it feels like forever since I've been able to even write on here! I'm starting with a movie review. I just saw Dunkirk in theaters in 70mm over the weekend and it was well worth the 30 minute drive. The opening scene in Dunkirk pretty much set the mood for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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